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Personal Automobile Insurance is coverage that an individual would purchase for their personal car, truck, or any other vehicles that they may own.  The main function of this coverage is protection against any losses that may occur as a result of owning and operating any specific automobile or vehicle.  The main coverages that fall under the spectrum of Personal Auto Insurance are: Liability Insurance, Collision Insurance and Comprehensive insurance.

Liability Insurance covers the insured party if any property damage to third party or bodily injury is caused by the owning or operating of an automobile or vehicle. Some examples of what Liability Insurance may cover would be an insured driver, an injured third party, and a damaged third party vehicle.

Example: Joe had a collision with an oncoming vehicle. He was not harmed in the accident but the driver of the other vehicle suffered some injuries and was hospitalized.  Fortunately for Joe, his personal automobile liability insurance will greatly assist him in any possible lawsuits or medical expenses he will incur as a result of the other motorist’s injuries.

Collision Insurance covers any damage sustained to the insured’s automobile or vehicle as result from contact or collision with another inanimate object.

Example: Even though Joe was not injured in the collision he had with another motorist, his vehicle was badly damaged.  Thankfully, he had Collision Insurance in place, and was able to have his car repaired by professionals in a timely fashion.

Comprehensive Insurance covers an insured’s automobile or vehicle for damages (other than damages covered under Collision insurance) that may occur. These damages may include vandalism, theft, fire, flood, wind, hail, or a collision with an animal.

Example: Two weeks after Joe’s vehicle was repaired, he struck a deer on a dark road late at night. Fortunately, Joe had comprehensive insurance and was able to recoup much of the money that had to be spent in order to, once again, repair his vehicle.

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